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    Broke a Thunnus CI4 6000

    Wife was fighting a 25kg Northern Bluefin. Had it at the boat doing their usual laps until she couldn't handle it anymore and I took over. Tightened the drag on PE3 and start muscling it to gaffing range when the handle broke off. Initially thought it had unscrewed itself but quickly saw the broken bolt.
    To top it off the improved albright broke when I tried man handling it.

    The thunnus is just such a perfect reel for trolling and drifting live baits so I am devastated this has happened.
    I suppose a warning to everyone as well.

    Has anyone upgraded the handle on a Thunnus?

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    Re: Broke a Thunnus CI4 6000

    Mate I broke a handle on a bio master 10000 once. After not much use too. Snapped at the elbow joint if you know what I mean. $120 to replace so not too happy. Might be Shimano downgrading their quality?

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