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    Exclamation 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    A Round up from my perspective

    Firstly I would like to thank my house guests for their due care and attention, company and assistance during their stay. Yolande, Jan, Frank, Mike, Tim, Luiza and Louis. Having people in the house that pull their weight and are not demanding is a pleasure. Thanks to Rob ( Moejoes ) for presenting a great house.

    The Marine Rescue Round Hill ladies, Josie & Ruth provided us with peace of mind while at sea and also have a great understanding of all matters pertaining to a safe trip and good time.

    Friendly staff and management at the Agnes Water Tavern was appreciated and a thumbs up to the chef for producing good meals under pressure from the AF & AC hordes that invaded his restaurant regularly.

    Thanks also to the AC guys for their company and stories throughout the week and to the ?? fence sitters and ring-ins / newbies ? hahahaha… all good boys, a great week by all accounts.

    Members traveled far and wide in search for those elusive Reds with good success. PB’s to most on various species.

    Moments that need explaining:- ( you know who you are, fess up ! )

    1…. Cruisecraft Crunching….. ?

    2… Bollard Bouncing…………. ?

    3… Driveway Planking & Flashing Lights … ?

    4… Reef Dwelling ……. ?

    5… My phone died … ?

    6… “ I’ll give you a tow……. Oh damn, I’m out of fuel “… Ay captain ?

    7.. Can you remove this hook from my belly ?

    8… “ 24 hrs over-due, no radio, no fuel “….. ?

    9.. “ Can I use your shower “ .. ?

    The Cook-Off / Presentation evening was combined due to great weather and most people being on the water for 5 – 6 days straight. This event was well publicized and some were a no-show. A few trophies handed out to folks, raffles run ( some of those that were not in attendance had their names drawn, but we did a re-draw due for this ) and we also had the Blind Auction of the “ Rum Runner “ and the “ VHF hand held “….. all proceeds from those went to the VMR donation kitty. Those that were there received their small “ refund “ which was due to us not fully providing all we said we could . Those not in attendance have had their refund donated to the VMR kitty. Thanks to the RCG’s for their $’s to add to the overall VMR donation kitty.

    Special mention to Wardy for putting his hand up for the S & R.

    Due to many circumstances and events, this will be my last year of involvement in the Official Ausfish Annual Agnes Water / 1770 M & G. The event started in February of 2004 with a second one run in October of that year. Over the years we have had way too many members attend to recount all and some long term members.. Really great times and some dramas, but all ending well and improving with each year.

    The climax of the event was recently, when we had around 120 people attend, dragging about 30 boats into the township. That year we pumped over $173,000 into the event. This dollar value was achieved through spending by all members both at home and in the community preparing for and during the M & G. It is fair to say that the AF M & G has accounted for pretty close to $1 mill in expenditure by members covering the 14 times it has been held. Staggering , when you think about it. Considering the early days when we used 4mtr tinnies and plied the inland waters to now, with 7mtr rigs traveling 100k’s offshore and beyond and staying out for 3 days at a time etc.

    Although we have donated well over $7,000 to the VMR over the years, I urge all of you that wish to keep fishing this area to take out a VMR Membership at Round Hill to continue to support the people that look after you on a voluntary basis.

    A big thank you to the Sponsors and others who assisted to bring it to the masses. Like all good things, we are going out a winner. For those that wish to continue going to 1770 etc and even wanting to continue with the M & G theme, please feel free to do so. Post up an event and run with it.

    Good luck & Tight Lines.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Sounds like a great time.

    Poor old Wags crunching his cruisey, if he keeps this up I'm sure to get it for a couple of grand.

    Hope to get along to one of these at some stage.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Some nice fish there Almako, well done.

    LP, you hanging up the boots I see? Oh well, sounds like many years of memories to reminisce over . Great effort for all the years of being chief organiser LP.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Thanks for your efforts Phil.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    So what's going on? Couple of years ago this thread would be a dozen pages deep with you guys reliving your shenanigans, hanging shit on each other and making the rest of us jealous with the fishing tales?

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    The weather was so good we didn't get a chance to catch up too often....last year the weather was crap for the first half of the M&G so we entertained ourslves in otherways

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Do you blokes post reports anywhere else?

    i missed it this year, but would love to hear about it?

    cheers Rob

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Thanks Phill for the company, the accommodation, the bacon & egg brekkies and the stories. You have gone above and beyond as the official organiser each and every year and your efforts are greatly appreciated. A couple of gatherings catching up with old mates at the tavern, sharing stories was well overdue too. Thanks to Sean as well for sorting my order at the last minute - next time I'll give you more time. And Thanks to Tim for travelling down from Airlie to chase the elusive red fish with me.Now to the crunching Luke. All isn't as it seems. It wasn't done on any bommie and no – the price still stands.PB fishies – My first Blue Maori cod was weighed in at 9.5kilo. PB trout at 66cm and 3.4kiloFirsts – First time entering Lady Musgrave lagoon…and at night in some ordinary conditions. First time being ‘pinged’ by a pro fisho. First time in a long time going green and pulling the pin early on our second overnighter. First time seeing sounder porn while travelling…and not turning around to fish the structure. This won’t happen again. First time in 5 years spending a week fishing…..should be more trips in the future.
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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Well...I did not attend the whole week this year but still managed to get up to the tavern on the Friday night to catch up with most of the lads...Thank you to Dave (Tin shack) and his mates for accommodating me for the couple of days and the night. Champions!!! I have every year for about 8 or 9 years taken my whole family up to 1770 for the week or two...and When I first met Phill I knew he was a genuine bloke. He made my whole family feel welcomed into a group of mad anglers.... Who all would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. I have made many great friendships out of our attendance at the 1770 meet and greets and will cherish them for the years ahead. These friendships have taken us to many other meet and greets and gatherings over the years...great memories for all my family members. We look forward to many more gatherings and if any of you guys or girls are ever in Bundy or need a hand...then just give us a call...that's how this group of kind people seem to roll... Phill you are a champion human being and the meet and greets will never be the same without you attending...We will not be attending next year as we have booked in a trip up to the Gulf for the school holidays to Karumba area. But hope that this bonding and enjoyable week of fishing drinking and socializing continues for many years to come. Thank you to all who have made me and my family feel welcomed into your group and I look forward to many more gatherings with you all in the future. Cheers Kev & family.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    I know you put a lot of effort into the M&G Phil and the cookoff's and presentation nights have rolled along really well. I've met so many people through the M&G's and learned a whole new way of fishing. Going out with skippers like Marvin and Phil was something I could never imagine while sitting through Vic winters and reading about the earlier events.

    I reckon it won't be your last time there Phil, at least in an unofficial capacity.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    I'm pretty sure the reef sitting or what ever, that Phill mentioned is about me. Ha, we were trying to find the entrance to Musgrave around 10pm, my old track in on the sounder had converted the magic red line into dot's, so when I zoomed in to around five metres, the dot's dissoed, hence we missed the entrance by around 50metres or so. The wash promptly sat us on the reef. After Chicksloveit and myself tried to pull the boat off the reef for about an hour, we decided to anchor up and waite for high tied. The high finally turned up around 8 hours later, by which time we were about 120 metres into the reef. With 2 metres of water under us at 6am we motored safely off the reef. Minimal dameg thank f*&k, just gel coat. Anyway we returned to the ramp with two slightly nervous deckies, no one injured, just my pride. Again had a great week.
    Rob T/Red C

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Thanks Rob, I never got the full story, only that someone from Team C had a small " grounding " out there. Don't worry, you are in good company.... thousands have done the same thing.

    As long as the boat is OK, and crew are safe, that's all that counts.

    cheers LP
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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Looks like Reel Therapy will be doing 2017. Hope to see some of you there. 8th to the 17th September 2017.

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    Re: 2016 M&G Agnes . 1770 Round-up

    Hi Rob (and others),

    It can be a bugger of an entrance in the dark, especially if you have swell coming across it.

    Many have polished their props on the way in thinking they were in the channel.

    All's good that ends well.


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