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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 3D Structure Scan problems

    Attachment 115559Happy Easter all

    So ill try to explain the differences between the various brands 3d systems

    Navico "simrad/lowrance" uses two elements... ... the shape of the object is created by the Doppler shift between the two elements "the different return times is calculated in size.. for example a cube underwater... has one part of it slight closer to one transducer than the other.. that difference is measured to give the size and shape of the object.

    Gamrin uses multibeam technology. similar to navico but uses many beams firing all at once to calculate the shape of an object rather than time difference. this is also why it can "Scan" at zero speed"

    Axiom .. "going a bit of a limb here" and will say its very similar to Navico , The major difference is the inclusion of a Rate stabilization gyro... This removes any effect the motion of the up and down to smooth

    in other words.. they all have pros and cons

    stay tuned for a video soon on a comparison between Raymarine and Lowrance.


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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 3D Structure Scan problems

    Thanks Moose. The Axiom 9 does seem to come in at a far cheaper price point than a Carbon 9. With the carbon you still have to buy the box and transducer for 3D but the Axiom only requires the transducer.
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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 3D Structure Scan problems

    I have the Hds12 Gen3, from what I have seen so far I would not buy the 3D module again.

    Their 4G radar however is very impressive compared to my previous Raymarine one.

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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 3D Structure Scan problems

    I use Lowrance 3D SS all the time, both inside and on the inshore reefs (say up to 30m deep). It is truly groundbreaking once you know how to get the best out of it (and yes, it does take about 10 trips!). Another plus, is that the 3D transducer works far better in 2D than the old LSS2 so split screen 2D and 3D works a treat to find subtle (but important) changes in contour/rock/etc. Yes, it's expensive and yes, you can get away without it, but I've seen time and time again, where we've managed to find snapper biting when all around us have just been wondering what the hell we are up to. And for interests sake, the multi-element approach of Navico (and all others) gives a much better picture of structure than the Garmin approach (IMHO). Mat.

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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 3D Structure Scan problems

    You give me new hope.

    - Darren

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