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    Holidays at Yamba

    Heading down to Yamba for a weeks A/L / Camping middle of Oct , will have the trusty Coleman scanoe / outboard with us & hoping to catch a feed ....

    Have never been to Yamba before & was hoping to get some info on the fishing scene prior to Oct ........So if you have relevant info I would love to hear your feed back .

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    Re: Holidays at Yamba

    I have only fished it a couple of times mate. Go to the tackle shop in the main street just up from hibiscus caravan park, bloke who runs it a good fella with heaps of useful tips. Whiting on poppers in the shallows, heaps of flatties, a regular at the park told me the way to catch them is to head for the shallows and drift a soft plastic. Jew on the rockwall, however, this seems to be a bit of a fine art. Hope this helps.
    what a sad sad AB

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