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    Mallacoota VIC, Any Tips

    Putting the boat in for the first time in 3 months this weekend, first time since we've moved from Seaforth in QLD to Cooma.
    I'm heading down to Mallacoota, just south of the VIC border, I have never been there before, and I'm chasing any tips that anyone would like to share.
    Boat is a 5m Top Ender (or am I better off taking our 4m), planning on a couple of days in the water, chasing anything that could be around.

    Tips on fishing, the area in general, lures or bait, size of gear, places to camp, just about anything would be handy.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Mallacoota VIC, Any Tips

    G'day Corry! You could do worse than go here -
    I regularly watch their report, as I fish Merimbula quite frequently, and their accuracy is pretty good!
    As for Mallacoota, if the weather permits it, slow rolling some S/P's, (3" Zman paddletails in sexy mullet or smoky shad are favourites), around the Goodwin Sands dropoffs usually returns dome good flatties, and the snags around the top lake are always good for some nice bream - unless there's been too much fresh, (which there has), so concentrate on the margins of the bottom lake.
    My preference is for S/P's, but a lot of those in the know swear by H/B's.
    And take the 5m - 4m would be better, but the lake can get pretty choppy when it blows - and it usually does!.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Mallacoota VIC, Any Tips

    Thanks Rob, had a great day exploring the lakes. What an area. Definately going to go back. Great place for when the weather isn't friendly for an outside run.
    I've got to get to Merimbula one day as well, start exploring around some of the areas on offer down here, looks like it could be quite a good place to wet a line.

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    Re: Mallacoota VIC, Any Tips

    The new owners of the local pub have let all the banned regulars back in so it might be worth a visit if you want to experience the local wildlife.

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    Re: Mallacoota VIC, Any Tips

    Did you try the coota dog from the local bakery just up street from the main ramp?

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