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    Deepwater setup for young kids

    Gday all. I have started venturing out to the deeper reefs with my 6 and 8 year old kids chasing red snapper. Both kids find my deep water setups to bulky to handle on their own and looking for info on setups that work well for kids fishing these 30-50 metre deep reefs with 30-50 lb line?
    Any info much appreciated

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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    I've my 9 year old son up with a tekota 800 filled with 80lb braid and we switch between a 24kg backbone roller tipped heavy rod for the bigger fish and a 10-15kg catana rod for lighter fishing. Both these rods work well for him as the rod butts are long enough forward of the reel to rest on the edge of the boat so he just has to hang on to the end and wind. He's managed a nice double hook up of 65cm jewies, a nice 1m+ Dolly and loads more fish using this system. I hope it helps.

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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    sorry, not sure how to delete the double post

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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    Mate a charter special goes for under 150 bucks and are bullet proof. Match that to a half decent glass rod and would be perfect.


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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    I bought my 8yr old son a gomoku pe1-3 with a shimano sustain 2500fg and 30lb fins braid.

    I wanted to get him into jigging but this also doubles as a great bay rod.

    it is light and not too long for him which allows him to fish as long as he likes.

    he has caught on this rod, rat kingfish, amberjack, snapper, school mackerel and mixed reefies. we fish maximum depth 80m

    great setup that will stand the test of time.

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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    Cheers I think I will go for a light setup like lethal has

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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    When my young bloke was about 6ish, I found he simply wasn't up to hanging on to a rod under any sort of load for too long. Ended up getting an insert made for the gunwale rod holder with an adjustable rod holder on the top to allow adjustment to keep the rod tip lined up with the line, a 6 kilo roller tip game rod (cheapy shimano) and a Silstar overhead with a level wind. I had to shorten the butt on the rod so he wasn't over reaching to wind the handle and grabbed a longer Okuma handle for the reel (more leverage to make winding easier). He could quite happily fish up to a pound of lead with this set up out of the holder (no risk of the gear taking a swim when he hooked a decent fish). You just need to drill into them NOT to put their fingers around the front of the reel into the level wind.
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    Re: Deepwater setup for young kids

    Had a look at the gamoku rods not real cheap. Any similar rods in a more budget price range?

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