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    Burrum Heads Info

    Hey everyone,
    We have started to fish Burrum Heads a bit now as my oldies bought a house down there to eventually retire there. They were talking to a fella the other day n he said he fished the 12 mile n got some snapper, does anyone have the mark for this area? I have plenty of marks from Tin can up to mackay so willing to trade spots if thats what it takes.
    Cheers Sharky

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    Re: Burrum Heads Info

    Just google it there is a reef at 8mile too.

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    Re: Burrum Heads Info

    -25 09.689 152 43.977
    Its called 8 Mile reef, and Ive caught snapper there.
    Not a big patch of reef, but it does hold fish.
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    Re: Burrum Heads Info

    I have fished the 8 mile a fair bit but there is another one at the 12 mile. Just chasing it as well. By the sounds of it, its a bit deeper and a bit better bottom out there.
    Cheers Sharky

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