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    Cool Gold Coast Landbased Fishing?


    Ventured out today and braved the pretty atrocious looking weather to fish off the points at Phil Hill park. Mrs and I were there for 3 hours, using old stinky prawns for bait, ended up landing a few undersized bream.

    After the last few fishing days I've had, I've had the absolute worst luck with fishing, so it was good to go right back to basics and land a few fish, even if they were small.

    My question is: Now that I've gotten my confidence back somewhat, any tipoffs for some decent landbased fishing around the Gold Coast? I've only recently started fishing seriously, so I'm kind of in the dark. I've caught one decent (56cm) Flathead in the Seaway, but apart from that its just snag central for me, so any where apart from the Seaway would be good

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    Re: Gold Coast Landbased Fishing?

    G'day Constable - I regularly fly up from Mexico (Melbourne), on holidays, and am landbased when I do. You could do worse than get hold of this...
    I did, and my fishing improved dramatically!
    Also, fishing the Tallebudgera Creek for bream and small GT's is a lot of fun - I use zman streakz curlytails in 'opening night' color, with a dab of squidgie scent - (but don't tell anyone, OK?). I've had success from the swimming hole, to the bridge on Tallebudgera Drive, a couple of hundred metres upstream.
    Plenty of Dart and Whiting in the surf around Burleigh, too. Great fun on light gear!

    Can't wait to get back up there, and out of the bluddy cold weather!
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    Re: Gold Coast Landbased Fishing?

    Probably the biggest thing in a lot of these locations is bait. If you don't already own a yabby pump, get one. Don't bother with a short shaft - get the king size unless your height makes it awkward to use and then do a bit of research on banks in the ares you are fishing. Most areas around the coast you are a chance for a bream whiting or flathead - caught some absolute crackers from the boat but well within casting distance of the bank between the Sundale bridge and where they set up the inflatable water park from time to time
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    Re: Gold Coast Landbased Fishing?

    Thanks guys! I'll be sure to give it all a crack this weekend! Cheers!

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    Re: Gold Coast Landbased Fishing?

    Bait fishing in the seaway pilly no sinker fast retrieve and only fish a slow tide i.e. near high / low and stay away from that pipe.Sand pipe that is. CHEERS Bruce.

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