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    Going to be in Lucinda from the 17th-26th Sept if anybody want to catch up for a fish or a drink or two!!


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    Re: Lucinda

    I'm headed that way in a couple of weeks Dave, but I may not get that far by then. Going to stop and try to pick up some scraps from 1770 on the way unless the weather craps itself in which case I'll keep going and a mate is going to take me to his Barra spearing hotspot at Mackay, might meet your lizards. Anyway keep an eye out for NSW number plates around Lucinda pub.

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    Re: Lucinda

    I fished Lucinda once. I just cast chrome blades at the pylons on the end of the long jetty. I caught all the queenfish I could handle, up to 1.2m long too.

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