Dear all,
a very long time away from the forum !! I've been on a bit of a rod building frenzy of late as I have had a bit of time for once to get on top of things. I've been working gradually through the blank pile (Calstar 700 XL, ML, XH; Live Fibre 743F, Fibre Fusion 484, Xzoga Taka PE2) but now my attention is thinking about the next build when all these are 100% completed.

This is a trip down memory lane....I am looking for a replacement blank for a Sportex 3904 for slinging pillies and light beach work with a 600 Alvey and 6kg mono. The Sportex was one piece...happy to go to 2 piece if the join doesn't effect performance and balance. Don't want to spend a million as I am off work at the moment and have spent lots (it was only cheap darling , really ) on my tackle collecting and rod building over the past few years.
Sportex still make the 3904 but it is a 3 piece rod for "coarse" fishing in the European market and not what I had in mind. From memory it was rated to about 80g, was 3.9m long and a 4 wrap rod. It was very light but had enough hp down low when things got interesting. It was a great rod for slinging gar many years back and I realise that in my rod stash, the Sportex just isn't there any more. I remember one of them being driven over at Hat Head but always thought I had one left. Apparently not.

thanks all