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    G'day from Central Victoria

    Hi, I'm a keen fisho that donsn't get to fish as much as I would like, much like the rest of you I suppose. I'm currently selling my Hobie kayak due to my 3 young boy's wanting to join me and learn how to fish, I'm not going to deny them of that so the yak can go and we'll get a boat. I've been searching around on the net for the last 6 months and last week I finally bite the bullet and paid a deposit on a 440 Renegade SC with a 60 hp CT Mercury 4s. It should be small enough for me to get around our local waterways yet still be a comfy size to take down the bay every now and then. My wife isn't really interested in fishing so I figure it should be ok for the 5 of us to put around joy riding and when it comes time for fishing it'll just be me and the boys.
    I look forward to getting our boat and doing a few things to it to make it they way I want, I'm glad to have join up here so if I get stuck with something, I'm sure there's plenty of answers here.
    Happy Fishing

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    Re: G'day from Central Victoria

    Welcome aboard Danny. You'll love your time on the water teaching your boys to fish.

    Good luck with the Hobie sale. Great looking set up.... You'll miss it though I guarantee you

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