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    Shark Clpis

    Who uses shark clips ......... what on and why. How do you rig them.


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    Re: Shark Clpis

    Not exactly sure what you're asking! shark clips are used for all sorts of things, from a quick method to attach a buoy to a rope, holding "things" in cars, boats and camping, and even what they were designed for, clipping droppers to a main line when pro fishing, that said, I kind of doubt most rec fishers would actually use them for fishing?

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    Re: Shark Clpis

    I use them to clip my peg baskets to the clothes line.
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    Re: Shark Clpis

    I use mine for my fish scaling bag, and berley cage, crab pot lines......... they are very strong and soo easy to use I am just surprised that the likes of BCF and other well know tackle stores dont have them in stock.

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