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Thread: fraser island

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    Re: fraser island

    Went up last week, tracks are pretty cut up from the school holiday traffic, not too bad though. Plenty of weed just south of Ngkala, should be clearing up by now though. Found a nice spot at North Ngkala and got on to some tailor on micro jigs off the beach, was a lot of fun on light gear. There is a dead whale wedged in between some coffee rock, a bit on the nose!

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    Re: fraser island

    Just back from Orchid, the weed was coming in and out of different locations at different times depending on wind and tides etc in some places it would be clear and easily fishable in the morning an completely brown by the afternoon. Weed conditions ranged from annoying to completely unfishable although generally if spinning it had minimal impact unless you were dumb enough to cast into a heavily infested section. Tailor were there if you were prepared to travel and search out sections without weed rather than just pick a gutter and stay and wait for them to show up. I kept all the tailor I caught for bait and turned a couple into spanish trolled behind my kayak at Ngkala, even got my young bloke onto his first also which was a bit of a highlight. Best was taken on our last morning which was the Saturday after opening spinning the Southern side of Waddy Point, we had the place to ourselves and pulled five fish over 60cm before having to race back to the house and pack up as the late risers were just starting to arrive after missing the peak bite in the morning twilight. Will give a proper report with vids and photos as time allows, right now I'm about to go back to cleaning sand out of every orifice in my car.

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    Re: fraser island

    plenty of weed at catherdral, few tailor about where the weed wasn't so bad

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    Waddy point was clear of weed until the day it reopened for fishing, it had been clear until then, go figure. We got onto a few near Ngkala Rocks where there'd be a clear patch only about 20 metres wide open up between mid tide and 3/4 tide then rapidly close again. Looked like it was clearing when I left but we had the same feeling a few times previously and it would return ith a vengeance. Seems to have lasted well beyond its normal time this year.

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