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Thread: fraser island

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    fraser island

    hi all heading to fraser in a couple of weeks has anyone been up there and know what the track to waddy is like and the beach any weed

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    Re: fraser island

    I'm heading up on the 24th for a week, would be keen to hear how you go.

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    Re: fraser island

    will let you know richo i get back on the 28th heading up on the 19th have someone heading up next week so hope to get a update then as well

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    Re: fraser island

    No idea what the track is like, but never known it to be completely impassable so you should be right if you use some "common sense" even if towing a big boat. I have seen plenty of posts on facebook and know of a few people personally that have recently returned and all are complaining about weed from pretty much Hook Point to Indian Head. Apparently it arrived in force late last week and is also affecting fishing north of Waddy too. I'm heading up on the 17th, so also hoping the weed dissipates prior to my arrival

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    Re: fraser island

    Some good info there, Just Chips.

    I dunno what it is about Fraser - must be surrounded by weed. The western side is just as notorious. Even up at Rooney's Pt. The winds affect it on that side - onshore brings it on in force. Not sure about Eastern side, as I've been there in onshore winds and it's been ok.


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    Re: fraser island

    We are at Orchid beach currently, the weed came in to the gutters around waddy at midday yesterday. There was weed further north at Ngala rocks since we have arrived, we will probably check indian head and to the south today to see if it is fishable.

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    Re: fraser island

    thanks guys have heard that the weed has come in

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    Re: fraser island

    Just got back on Saturday after spending a week camped at Marloo .
    The weed cleared half way through the week , it was bad most of the way from Hook Point to Ngkala Rocks .
    If your lucky it will stay out to sea.It was good when we left .
    The tracks were in incredible good condition , but with school holidays they will get chopped up quickly if they don't get any rain on them.
    The Tailor are on ,and I personally had no trouble catching 20 or so every morning and afternoon..- most fish were around 45cm with a few larger ones mixed in.
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    Re: fraser island

    Bugger the weed. Heading up tomorrow morning for 9 days chasing whiteing with the kids. Hope the weed buggers off.
    Will be camping at the marloo area beach front if anyone's thirsty.😉

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    Re: fraser island

    hoping the weather is good and weed clears a bit as heading up on monday will be at central for 3 days then at dundubara for 3 then up to waddy beach front if you are in the area drop in will be in a silver col

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    Re: fraser island

    I was there 30 Aug 4 Sep. Weed came in the day we got there, was fishable just for a day and then pretty average to unfishable, unless you were happy to clean weed for 5 minutes every cast. Tailor also appeared to shut down completely (or moved wider) when the weed was there. Worst fishing I have ever had up there while it was like that.

    I am slipping back up there this Thursday/weekend. If there are any later reports on the weed, it would e good to get some current updates.

    Does anyone know what brings the weed in or causes it?

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    Re: fraser island

    I'm close to getting up there to,i have been off my feet for three yrs spent a year in recovery got another nice tinny and watch out fish now I'm retired.

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    Re: fraser island

    I will be up there Sunday, probably too late to post updates, and probably have no signal as will be up near Ngkala Rocks

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    Re: fraser island

    Got back after 9 days up at fraser camping in the marloo area. Weed was terrible for some days although it was clearing by the end of week. Kids had fun just south of indian from the no fishing sign and to the south about 5km catching tailor and big dart.
    On our last day (fri) in front of camp the kids were catching dart up to 42cm and the odd tailor. The tracks were busy coming home and there's plenty of blokes getting bogged. (Tyre pressure's) lol
    I dont know how many i had to pull out to get home.
    Best of luck lads.

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    Re: fraser island

    just got back from waddy the weed is not to bad down that way i spun up a few talior the bait guys where doing it tuff they only come on the bite eary morning for about 15 mins then shut down got some nice whiting in gutter in afternoon using pipies just out behind shore break .
    but a lot of spots had weed was tuff finding a spot with out it

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