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    Where to Fish while at Hamilton Island

    HI all,

    I am off to Hamilton Island with the misses next week and while I am there I was going to hire a dinghy and head of for a fish. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I havent fished that area before...So what gear should i take and any spots around the island I should try?
    Also is there any land based fishing on Hamilton Island I could try while there as well??
    I normally fish the fresh water dams for Bass and the passage around Bribe island.

    Thanks Heaps


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    Re: Where to Fish while at Hamilton Island

    They have a few poly boats with 15 hp motors you can rent and we used them a couple of times and got a mackerel trolling a rapala in Qantas colour on a 10-15 foot diver on a 3000 Daiwa rod and reel combo that that was 6-8 kg and we got a couple of coral trout down at the limit of the hire boat boating area using placcies on a rod 1-4 kg 2 piece snapper rod I use in the bay . They weren't big but it was fun and we took one home to the room and cooked it in the hotel room ,it was just legal and yummy . Land based I caught a couple of small trevally out near the front of the resorts on the opposite side of the harbour by walking my way around on rocks and stuff but be careful.
    I used top water lures like small poppers and walk the dog type lures ,some of the spots on the island are hard to get to land based as all the good ones are on someone's property now and even a few places I got to in the golf buggy before cant be got to now as they have house on hem now . But get a golf cart and head up toward the church and you may find a way in ,I did but it wasn't an easy walk .
    You can do a charter but they are busy and expensive but try your luck down the harbour you might get lucky . Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Where to Fish while at Hamilton Island

    Yer down the habour or off the jetty were the cat comes in,i went there for a wedding and took some gear but never used it,if its not blowing a boat would give you a better chance of catching a fish,it all looks good from google earth but not in real life for land base fishing,have fun up there,the plane landing and take off is great being a short runway.

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    Re: Where to Fish while at Hamilton Island

    Hey George,
    If the hire boats allow it work the sth side of Whitsunday Is. to the east till you reach the passage to Whitehaven beach. At the mouth of this passage is a rock (Frith rock I think) the current belts into it and monsters be here. Massive GT's and mackerel. Just don't use lures that you like, 'cos you won't be taking them home. try to get your lures as close as possible on the pressure face Failing that just find current and troll divers like halcos or rapalas, pilchard or quantas colours will get the job done as always. It's pretty tough close to Hamiltyon but you never know if you don't try.

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