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    Gt fishing in Fiji 2017

    Hi members, I am planning a fishing trip of my lifetime to Fiji chasing GT,s next year.

    Naturally I would like to be there in prime GT season.

    I have sent emails to 3 charter operators in Fiji asking for their opinion on when prime time would be.

    They all replied which I am grateful for, however they have only confused the time issue for me.

    1 replied all year round.
    1 replied March-May, October-November, with November being best.
    1 replied January-March as prime time.

    Have any of the members experienced GT fishing in Fiji and when and why did you choose the time you went?

    Also which charter did you go with?

    many thanks


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    Re: Gt fishing in Fiji 2017

    how many days are you going?
    which area or island will you be on?
    how much do you want to spend? as it all depends on the coin
    i am leaving on Tuesday for a week and normally do 2-3 full day charters
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Gt fishing in Fiji 2017

    Very similar to yourself, looking at at least a week on Fiji.

    At least 2 days fishing, chartering the full boat.

    Probably fly into Nadi, depends on where we are going to fish from.

    Need a charter before booking accommodation.

    enjoy your trip.

    what are your target fish?


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    Re: Gt fishing in Fiji 2017

    Doug I'm taking my own gear and lures and targeting gt's and yellowfin..... Last year I went with adrenalin (stayed at shangrala)and the guide was really good we fished in 20knts and 2m swell ...very odd for Fiji but landed 8yellowfin around the 15-20kg mark and a 15kg Gt it was hard fishing but we managed a good trip .. Did not need any gear as t-curve rods and Saragossa where provided....but take your own lures and terminal as all theres were rusted.. Highly recommend just ask to leave earlier than 9am..

    second trip was with free dive out of mango bay I think mostly trolling but we chased tuna all day.. This was a group charter so I took a popping rod and a jig rod.. It rained all day but when we hooked up on the troll I started throwing the popper when I hooked up I would give the rod to my father in law and then drop the jig we
    would of had 6 4 way hookups for the day and multiple other hookups one tuna was 53kg absolute best....
    very professonal charter....... If you are really serious ask for the overnighter to kadavu chasing gt's and doggies
    cost some $$$$$ though...... Remember once in a lifetime you said I hope this helps....

    there are heaps of other boats so look around captain bob out of Nadi is meant to be good also...
    cheers scott
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Gt fishing in Fiji 2017

    Thanks Scott, hope your trip goes well.


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