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    Cool hinze dam + short GoPro edit

    Hinze has been fishing pretty well the last few weeks, mid to high 40s and a few 50s for the lucky ones.
    Saratoga have been in the mix as well, with surface lures producing fish before and at sun up.
    Switching to vibes and spinnerbaits during daylight has worked well luring them up out of the15-20ft depth in amongst the dead trees.
    If your not bumping off trees, your not in the right spot.
    Had an epic session during the rain last week casting vibes around for an hour for not a touch, then switched to a damiki short strike spinnerbait and first cast was on, then the next two hours was non stop hits and fish around the 40cm mark.
    Short GoPro clip down the bottom of a couple of bass, hit HD and enjoy


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    Re: hinze dam + short GoPro edit

    cracking session mate. and great little vid. You go alright with the standing casting by the way. I'd end up in the drink for sure

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    Re: hinze dam + short GoPro edit

    Great fish and awesome video and pics. That big bass in the second pick, what do you reckon happened to him to leave him with no top fin?

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