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    Trolling in aug, sept

    Can any one tell me if theres anything worth trolling for around morton island or around the cape this time of year.

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    Re: Trolling in aug, sept

    there is always mac tuna around the cape.. 2 weeks ago i had one off my best sessions ever casting for Spanish around Hutchinson boated multiple fish between 7-15kg give it ago with deep divers and lazer pro 2m divers
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Trolling in aug, sept

    Gday Wazzab, mate I was out east and north of the cape on Thursday and Friday and there was flying fish everywhere so I am guessing this may be some indication of bigger things also. I didn't troll anywhere but so can't be certain. Just be aware, there is also an incredible amount of whales out there also.


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