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    Snorkelling the Tweed river

    Great little beach on the north side of Tweed river on coral st, visibility is fantastic on incoming tide, great day with my son and grandchildren.

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    Re: Snorkelling the Tweed river

    The vis is phenomenal. Is it always that good down there? Doesn't get even close to that shore based north of Bris, and even on the SUnny Coast.


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    Re: Snorkelling the Tweed river

    Hi Cuzz, yes unless we have had recent rain its always good on incoming tide, the scuba schools go in off this beach and go upstream to the little bay, must be near 20 feet of water and clear as, in the little bay where that was taken the fish life is incredible, I took some bread out and was swarmed by over 50 bream, easy access to the spot as well, go to google maps and look for Coral st..

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    Re: Snorkelling the Tweed river

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