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    Hi Ladies and Gents

    Hi All,

    I have been reading threads here for sometime, you guys have built up a wealth of knowledge.

    I am a member on a few forums, Myswag, Pradopoint, Seabreeze etc so have dragged my old forum name over here.

    My family are avid campers and 4wder's. We regularly camp anywhere from Noosa to Blackall and have done a few trips into NT and SA remote camping, still trying to find time to do the WA part of the country.

    It was time for a change of pace recently and I have sold our camper trailer, gone back to very basic tent camping and upgraded our very small tinny to a 510 Qunitrex Bowrider with 115 Mercury pushing it along. We went for a bowrider as our kids are at the age where they like to have friends come on trips and I wanted to be able to take them without needing a massive boat.

    Swmbo'd has fallen hard for the boat and has decided she loves fishing, she's bought two rods this week and would probably like me to swap the bowrider for a barcrusher, but its a bit early for that. I still use an old spinner and am happy feeding the fish my bait.

    I am a newby when it comes to anything serious about boating and fishing,but am a mad keen surfer, I have learnt heaps reading here but still have some probably very stupid questions I need to ask.

    Anyway we currently live in Noosa and I have grown up in Caloundra and my wife is a farm girl from Blackall.

    Anyway, look forward to chatting with you all.


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    Re: Hi Ladies and Gents

    Welcome Nomad. No stupid questions.... fire away.

    It's great having a missus dead keen on fishing. Mine recently landed a 77cm snapper (her first) on my mates boat. Three days later she told me to go buy a boat...... Life is good

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    Re: Hi Ladies and Gents

    Thanks Funchy.

    Can't argue with the Mrs on that...........Good luck with finding the boat of her dreams lol,

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