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    Black fish fishing Tweed

    Hello all,
    Planning to take the old man Blackfish fishing tomorrow in the Tweed Region.
    Where can I get some weed from. The back up is prawns. Are cooked or green best?

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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    Hi Brett, I have seen lot of fishermen getting weed from those cane drains near the tip turn off and Mellaleauca Station.that should be ok for you coming from M'urbah. A friend told me he has had success on cabbage off the rocks lately. I presume you know a few spots.

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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    I'm planning to try the sea cadets rock wall in terrenora creek and then further up along dry dock road and failing that under Boyds Bay Bridge.
    The weed in those cane drains is really snotty - I hope it will do.

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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    We used to just buy weed from the tackle shop north of Boyes bay bridge
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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    Those rocks at the sea cadets are where the sewerage outlet is located, not sure of water quality?? Also try at back of hostpital.

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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    There are some good Green Weed flies on the market at the moment. They work well.......apparently?

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    Re: Black fish fishing Tweed

    Sorry for the late reply but we managed a great day on the water Wednesday.
    Launched from Kennedy drive and floated around Terranora creek and the bottom of the Tweed river in a variety of location. I did manage to break my duck on the Blackfish. We boated 5 all up - amongst about 50 bream for the day. Also boated a few whiting.
    All in all a fantastic day with dad - who managed to take home a fresh feed of fish as well.
    Weed caught 4 of the Blackfish and green prawn 1.

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