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    Ugly Stik Gold vs Platinum

    I'm hoping someone here may know the difference.

    Looking at rods today in BCF for something either 8-15kg, 10-20kg or 15-24kg. I was open to brand but do like the Ugly Stiks.

    Picked up the platinum 10-20kg 7' 1 piece. Nice rod, had a really beefy butt section with a very fat grip.

    Then picked up the Gold in 10-20kg 7' 2 piece. It had a lot more give in the tip, thinner grip and overall didn't seem as beefy in the butt section.

    Guides were all the same size and position, but there was a noticeable difference between the two rods overall.

    I went with the Gold with the slightly softer tip. I usually use circle hooks so thought it might make things a little safer.

    Does anyone know why the two despite being rated the same would be so different?

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    Re: Ugly Stik Gold vs Platinum

    The platinum's are the "higher end" rods.

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