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    South Bribie advice

    Hi all, taking the brother camping this weekend staying near the main Bribie bridge with a 4m tinnie.
    I haven't fished the area and was wondering what is on the chew at the moment and any advice/locations to try. Happy to do any sort of fishing the boat can handle,even head out the channel a bit if it's worth fishing there?
    Was also going to throw a few pots in to chase sandies in the channel south of the bridge or is this a waste of time as wrong time of year? Or is there anywhere else worth trying.
    Thanks for any advice

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    Re: South Bribie advice

    PM sent mate. Darren

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    Re: South Bribie advice

    Thanks Darren

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    Re: South Bribie advice

    Lightly weighted 4" prawns drift fished the rubble patches between the bridge and the Bongaree jetty will produce a few squire this time of the year.

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    Re: South Bribie advice

    if you want a bit of adventure then head upstream towards caloundra.. dont have to go that far but its a kool ride plenty of bends and stuff in the passage and where it gets muddy theres good mud crabs (not sure what season they are) newbie...
    ill be somewhere up the creek, happy trails..

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