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    whiting Brunswick Heads

    Okay onboard fishos , need to know what the Whiting fishing might be like around the Brunswick Heads area??, alsowould there be a chance of pipies of the beach area??.

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    Went down a while ago when the water was stupidly dirty. Pumped some yabbies in simpsons creek just past the footbridge i think then brought soaked them in some shallow stuff in the main river. Tough fishing with the water so dirty, but got a couple of good ones.

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    I'm keen to find out too Volvo as I'm heading down in my van and taking the boat sometime later this year to explore this area too, its a great spot and when the river is clean it appears it should fish well??

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    I reckon without a doubt. Would be flathead central when they're chewing too- lots of good sandbanks.

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    Yep caught a couple of snodgers opposite the vmr at the little beach start of the breakwall. Local tackleshop owner is a real Gentleman n a scholar and really helpfull .
    Live worms in shop as well.

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    Arr the ol Brunswick heads....

    spent many a holidays down there staying at the massy green caravan park...

    Before they made the north arm a green zone, in behind the wall that's opposite the caravan park was a great spot for whiting. two guys that I got to know down there would take off up the river, be gone for most of the day , come back covered from head to toe in mud from digging blood worms. they had a few spots that they would target and come home with a feed and a half of 40+cm tings every time.

    the biggest flat ones ive ever seen in the flesh came from the main channel off the memorial wall using herring.

    and jacks.......jack central.

    use herring which you have to catch with jigs as cast nets are a no go in NSW.

    Fish around the end of the spur wall on a run in tide, see pic.Attachment 113848Attachment 113849
    Brunswick_Heads 2.jpgBrunswick_Heads3.jpg

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    Still plenty of jew around Pete. They'll come back in next week as the river clears again. Bit muddy at the moment. Also a couple of 6kg+ Tailor coming of the beach south of there. Still some good fish about.

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    Re: whiting Brunswick Heads

    Thanks yhere mate ,spent most time in the Van with the windy wet that hit from Coffs up.
    Msnsgef a few good .
    Whiting , Bream n Flatties off thr wall and lityle spur opposite the V M R.
    Stayed at the Park in town n just as well as had a good spot ptotected from the blow.

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