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    Saved a family...

    ...from a miserable death, today. (May be a bit dramatic, but it could have been that way.)

    Was walking along the pier and noticed a gentleman packing his gear up. He took out his filleting knife and prodded at the dead fish that was in his bucket. I went in to have a look at species - Sea Toad!

    I asked if he was keeping it, and he smiled, nodded, and said words to the effect of it being for him and his family to eat. I asked him if he was a special chef, as it takes one to not poison people from the fish. He said he didn't think it was poisonous, so I asked what species it was, which evoked a blank stare.

    I took out my phone and googled it to show him proof. He finally believed me, and thanked me profusely. He then proceeded to throw the big, dead toadie back in the drink.

    I think he may have been a tourist. Either way he dodged a big bullet, as I'm pretty sure he was seriously gonna fillet and eat it. Crazy. Made me wonder if any people have done that in the past, and if they made it through the experience.


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    Re: Saved a family...

    Natural selection at work.

    Mmmm Fugu- doh

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    Re: Saved a family...

    No words... Seriously... I mean the whole look of the thing SCREAMS poison!

    Good on you for saving this guys family!

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    Re: Saved a family...

    Did the same thing with a pair of French tourists once here in WA--had just caught a nice big nor'west blowie ( giant silver toadfish), no-one else around and they were happily packing it up to go back to their camper, to eat it. There was some intial confusion about "poisson"(french for fish) and " poison" but I got the message across. Very disappointed they couldn't eat it.

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