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    Deep Water Dropping any Reports?

    Hey Guys

    So we have decided to give this Deep water dropping ago, mainly just for something different but would also be good to catch something other then pearlies and snapper.

    So my questions is have any of you guys been out off cape moreton recently and would like to share how you went?

    We will most likely depending on weather venture out on Saturday for a bit of prospecting and see if we can raise anything as it will be the first trip out i doubt we will actually come in with anything but see how we go. Will target few snaps and pearlies early so we will at least come home with some fish.

    All tackle is ready to go so will report back if we have any luck but would be good to know if anyone else has been doing all right lately with them?

    560c Bar Crusher "Overtime"

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    Re: Deep Water Dropping any Reports?

    Gday Skusto, mate I am a first timer also and was hoping to head out next Tuesday for a crack. Weather looks a bit iffy at the moment but hopefully it comes good. You should be in luck for the weather over the weekend. Where are you leaving from? Keen to hear how you go. Have you got any marks or just looking? I only have internet marks for the moreton canyons so I will be doing a lot of looking myself.

    Good luck

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    Re: Deep Water Dropping any Reports?

    Hi Lee

    Heading out from Scarbrough. We did do a little bit investigating last trip but didnt look to hard as we didnt really have heavy enough sinkers. Yes we dont have any marks as of yet just some common marks given as a reference point. Will have a search around and see how we go. Thats if we get that far as we have been doing really well in the 160m mark lately on snapper and pearlies.

    Will let you know if we head out and find some ground.

    Cheers Dan
    560c Bar Crusher "Overtime"

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    Re: Deep Water Dropping any Reports?

    Gday Dan, how did you go mate, did you get out there?


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    Re: Deep Water Dropping any Reports?

    Hey mate

    no we didn't ended up chasing some good size snapper which have around of late. The weather wasnt the best either westerly was blowing a good 10-15kts so decided to stay in.

    560c Bar Crusher "Overtime"

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