using a normal windlass (vertical with gypsy) at the moment Iīm thinkig to change to a drum winch e.g. stressfree. Reason to change is the freefall functionality to anchor exactly where I want to be and in additon to that I allways have an issue because of chain/rope combination with the gypsy when heavy load is necessary (e.g. rope is sliding). My big question comparing both is the breaking load. To be more precise: the lenght of the rope including 33ft chain is typically between 200-250ft. When the drum pulls up depending on modell, drum diameter etc. the breaking load is around 150-200lbs. My current windlass has a breaking load of more than 3.000lbs, working load 500lbs. Now than - thatīs all theory. In reality the total weight of anchor, chain, etc. is rougly 70lbs, but the anchor ground is mud - real mud (baltic sea). This mud destroyed my old windlass several times (ok. small engine, working load 200lbs).

My question is now: does anybody has real experience whether or not a drum winch with the given parameter will work properly? In addition to that: using a normal windlass I donīt take care about rope and chain as long as the fall in the right way into the anchor box. How is this using a drum? When I look at the Universal freefall winch (which is extremly expensiv) the marketing is telling that any other drum winch except the UFW has an issue. Is there any experince as well or at the end, yes it doesnīt look fine in the drum, but it works, so what..

Many thanks in advance

(please take in mind, Iīm living in Germany and therefore another timezone -8-9hours)