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Thread: Mullet Price?

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    Mullet Price?

    Has anyone purchased mullet lately, looking to grab some on Thursday when I'm in Brissy. Looking for either trunks or fillets.

    Thanks Mark
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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Mark the fish factory at algester is usually around $10/kg. I'll be out casting tonight to live bait any left over I can save for you if you want to pick up.

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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Thanks mate, I can get trunks for $3.50kg, just thought someone may know of it a bit cheaper somewhere.
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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Quite possibly won't find it cheaper. The main processing factory down at Chinderah was flooded earlier this year more or less just as the fish were starting to run and the heavy weather at the same time made it difficult for the netters.
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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Haven't looked at prices in a long time so I could be way off what they are now. Last time I looked they were out of season..
    P.S. Didn't manage to net any tonight anyway... Live-baiting plan not going to plan!

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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Aussie seafood 2kg for $10 (de-scaled fillets)

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    Re: Mullet Price?

    where are they Almako

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    Re: Mullet Price?

    i am guessing from other threads on this

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    Re: Mullet Price?

    Went to Brisbane Fisherman's Co on Frida. Got 10kg of mullet fillets all packed on plastic between each layer so can be separated easily for $55. They also sell pillies and squid at great prices

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