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    Fishing south of perth

    Hi, I'm chasing a bit of advice on fishing around perth. I've come over from qld for a month for work and staying at woodman point caravan park and wanna try and get a land based fish in. The catch is we've got no car so within a push bike ride is a must. We went for a walk along the rock wall near the park but there wasn't much Goin on... Don't really care what we catch but whiting, snapper, jews, squid and gummies would be nice.
    Any reports or rough spots would be appreciated
    Cheers 🎣🍺🎣🍺🎣🍺🎣🍺🎣🍺

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    Re: Fishing south of perth

    Fishwrecked is a WA web site full of info for Perth and the surrounding areas , that's probably where I would would start .. Matt
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    Re: Fishing south of perth

    Get yourself a squid jig or two for a start if you don't have any - never caught so many squid as when I was in Perth but I did mainly fish from a boat. Land based in Perth was pretty basic when I lived there - 10 plus years ago. The most reliable way for a feed was a burley trail and fish small baits at various depths - some on the bottom and some under a float with the most likely takers being herring (tommy rough) and on occasion if you are lucky some KG whiting. You can get the odd better fish in the metro area - best I've seen was a 15kg+ Spanish mack taken off the wharf near the maritime museum in Fremantle during the Easter school holidays last year but it is far from common. Woodman Point Jetty and the rock walls near the boat ramp are as good as any spots to start and are right on your doorstep. We used to jig pilchards off the jetty at certain times of the year - once again in a burley trail. Also used to get a few flathead on fly at the Point Walter recreation reserve but it's a bit of a hike from where you are.

    If you can spring it time wise and cost wise - look into the jigging charters for Samson fish (assuming they are still doing them from either Freo or Rockingham) - not sure whether the time of year is right but if it is and the fish are on - seriously good fun - if your idea of fun is having your arms torn from their sockets and needing a couple of days off work for the muscles to resume something like normal function.
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    Re: Fishing south of perth

    Hi, If I were you, I would be trying the breakwaters near you, you have one to the north and to the south of where you are, being winter you should have heaps of seaweed piling on to the shore now, which should be decomposing and full of maggots, these attract the herring, garfish,whiting and tailor, if you could get to the South and North moles at Fremantle especially at dusk you would be in the running for Mullaway, although it is a bit of a ride by pushbike. A whole pilchard on a set of ganged hooks would be the go. For the first 3 species I mentioned, a small burley cage filled from a brew of bread crumbs, a tin of mashed sardines and some fish oil mixed together and a smallish hook on a 50cm light line leader attached to the cage would probably work well, I used to used small bits of shelled prawns on the hook.

    It has been many decades since I have lived and fished over there but I don't think that the fishing would have changed all that much over there.



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