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    Jacobs Well Jetty

    Hi Folks,

    Thinking about to take family to Jacobs Well Jetty at a weekend. But I could not find the exact address of the jetty from google map. Anyone could be so kind to provide the address?

    I am not sure if the jetty is good for fishing / crabbing. Any tips about Jacobs Well will be appreciated.



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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    drive down Pimpama-Jacobs Well rd, and you really cannot miss it. Its right opposite the pub, and next o the caravan park.

    Fishing is very good off the jetty (flatty and jew), but the tide rushes by, so use plenty of sinker.
    There wont be much room on the jetty during school holidays......

    the local bait shop at the jetty will give you the news.
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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Hi Carl Chao,

    As The Gecko mentioned above, it's nice and easy to find however it will be busy there this week. Please see the screenshot attached where the Jacobs Well public jetty is located.

    We haven't fished there in a while however it used to be a great spot to take the kids, quite a few species around (Flathead, Whiting & Bream to name a few) to keep the kids (and big kids) entertained.

    Have fun and tight lines.

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    Tight Lines.

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    as stated above by the boys good fishing good spot... ill just add if your gonna be there anywhere near dark take some good mozzy spray every time i been there they got me good...

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Paradise point boat harbour is another good spot for a family day Carl
    Can catch a bream n there's BBQ n seats there and a park to kick a ball a short walk over to the other side to the cafe's for an ice cream for the kids playgrounds ect

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    i think jacobs well jetty is ok.. but id take trublues advise paradise point is a lot nicer and does have a lot more to offer as he said..
    ill be somewhere up the creek, happy trails..

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Jabiru Island near Paradise Pt is also good for family days.
    Fishing- It's only an addiction if you're trying to quit.

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Thank you all so much. (The gecko, up the creek, TruBlue and xrnath).

    will try it after school holiday. :-)

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    I googled Jabiru Island and Paradise point and showed it to Mrs. She said better to go somewhere surely catch some fish....Well, no idea where to go again. I felt no matter where we went, fish were harder to catch than 5 years ago. If anyone can pm me the exact address, it will be much appreciated. But understood people love to keep their secret spots. No worry if no one would like to. :-)

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Catching a fish in a lot of these spots is a lot more about a bit of preparation and having the right bait and gear than the spot itself. My two cents is to get yourself a yabbie pump if you don't already have one. Takes a little while if your new to it to get co-ordinated and work out the better areas to get bait but once you do you will have IMO the single best estuary bait for SE Qld for little more than a bit of hard work - the bonus being that the kids usually love collecting yabbies as well - just watch the littlies with the ones with bigger claws. Point Halloran (East of the end of Point OHalloran Road or closer to Jacobs well on the northern side of the Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp are the two spots I would normally pump land based but there will be others.
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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    definately more fun catchin your bait such as yabbies.. also it is a natural bait so for me usually catch more fish..
    ill be somewhere up the creek, happy trails..

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    Re: Jacobs Well Jetty

    Thank you guys again, Scottar and up the creek.

    In our family, all labours eventually became daddy's responsibility. I highly suspect I will be only one as the digging dog on the beach. Mrs and kids commented 'that's too cold...daddy, get it for us...:-(. Mrs said she loved fishing. But she doesn't even know how to tie up a hook.

    I will get a pump in summer, I think. Or to catch some worms at GC myself. :-)

    Thank you again.

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