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    simple open fire fish

    i aint no chef.. but the best way i believe to cook fish is in alfoil on the hot coals you can add any of your favourite herbs, lemon or seasonings and when you wrap it all up in alfoil it infuses the flavours in... most know this but i just thought id add it in there... happy trails..

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    Re: simple open fire fish

    I do fish over coals, but in one of those things with the double mesh sides and handles that clip together, just put your fish on one side, close it up and leave over well prepared coals, no fooling about to turn over, because it between the mesh, just flip it over, squeeze a bit of lemon on the just cooked side...delicious, I do Bream on the Webber all the time, comes out great.

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    Re: simple open fire fish

    yes another good method well worth a try for cooking fish as by letting the coals and smoke close to the open mesh you will get that nice fire/smoke flavour yum yum.. but foil will infuse your herbs and lemon right through the fish but both are great and i do both not just one method...

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