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    Funny thing I heard this afternoon.

    So my sister went to jindalee boat ramp to do some fishing with some teachers at her school that she also teaches at
    as the school is doing a class on marine stuff and the kids are going to be taught how to fish..etc

    So the teaches they don't even know how to fish that good to teach the kids so they went to practise.. I said they should
    goto wello point or wynnam but they were stuck on jindalee..

    Anyway the funny thing is this postman was talking to my sister when she got to the ramp and he said he comes there all
    the time but only gets catfish, then he goes on how his brothers mate caught a tuna around the 100cm long at that boat ramp
    off the jetty using bread............... I laughed my head off and said no way tuna would swim that far down the river and even if they did
    there is no way it would chomp on a tiny bit of bread. More so if the guy was using bread he would of been fishing for bream or something small
    so he would of not used a wiretrace or 60lb leader.. He prob be using 6lb leader so yea.. no way he would catch a tuna on that.

    So funny

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    Re: Funny thing I heard this afternoon.

    Never say never...lots of "funny" fish caught in very strange places, Frigates will go way up rivers.

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