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    VHF Radio Course

    Does everyone realise that you need a VHF license to operate a VHF radio ? I've been fishing in different forms for over 40 years and didn't know.. The radio can be installed in your boat as it is covered under the Marine ship safety license however the operator needs a separate license. Just spent a great day down at Coast Guard Redcliffe at Scarborough. Throughly enjoyable, picked up a heap of info and some funny stories from Doug and Peter who ran the course. Lunch was a nice B-B-Que and even got a tour of the base, the radio room and one of the rescue boats thrown in. Its a real eye opener when you realise what goes on behind the scenes and how much it costs for this dedicated bunch of volunteer men and women to provide the service a lot of us take for granted. Give them a call they run the courses on a regular basis. It's a great day. Thank you Coast Guard.

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    Re: VHF Radio Course

    It isn't a license as such. It is a Certificate of Proficiency. It is all about the correct use of one, when to use emergency calls, mayday, correct protocol etc. etc

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