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    Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    I need recommendations for new rod to suit a spinfisher 850 SSM loaded with 50lb braid. The combo will be used on a boat for bottom bashing or floating livies/pillies for Macks, so a bit of an all-rounder. Length 6' - 6'6", medium action. Obviously not the flashest/most expensive reel out there so I don't want to spend a fortune on the rod.

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    Re: Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    I've really liked my ugly stick platinum. Originally wanted the 7ft 10-20kg model but the shop sold out. So grabbed a 6ft 15-37kg model. Paired up to my fin nor legal lt-100 and 50lb braid. This combo surprised me. It has the sensitivity to feel a trout mouth a pilchard, a red throat nibble on a squid yet the power to turn the head of a spaniard when needed.

    Very happy. Will grab a 10-20 next time they are on special to test that. I can get them around $100/120 at the local tackle world.

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    Re: Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    Thanks Damo. I also have a 15-37kg 6' Ugly Stick (USP-JBW1600) that I use with a baitrunner 8500 + 50lb braid. It's a good combo but a bit "stiff" for my liking at times. I'll look into the 10-20kg model. I see there is also a "gold" model 15-24kg, which might be suitable

    Does anybody have experience with the Silstar jigging rods? The 15-20kg model (Cb601jsm) looks like it might be a good fit

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    Re: Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    I dont like my ugly stik platinum, its too sloppy in the tip for me.

    I got a Penn Sports rod 15-20kg to go with my 850ssm, and the Penn rod for $50 leaves the Ugly stik for dead.
    I liked it so much, I got second Penn rod the same model, so now I have 2 for bottom bashing.

    Ideal to loan to mates.
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    Re: Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    Can't seem to find that model, but it might just be my Google-Fu that's not good enough. Do you have a model number?

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    Re: Rod for Penn Spinfisher 850 ssm

    Penn mariner plus 6-10 kg (or 8-12, but am too lazy to check). Does the job for me.

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