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    1770 moon phases.

    Hey guys, I'm waiting for a good window of weather to get up north and chase some reefies and reds.
    Do any of you experienced guys find the moon makes a lot of difference on successful trips?
    It's the full moon this week but I'm going to miss it. Do the Reds bite better around the full or new moon?

    Plastics fantastic but bait is better.

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    Re: 1770 moon phases.

    Looks like some good clear weather after this weekend Monday/Tue onwards and if your chasing Reds i find that three days before and three days after a full moon works well for me and 1770 aint too far down the track from here..

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    Re: 1770 moon phases.

    I've just had a week at 1770 through the full moon. I was a bit concerned that the bigger tides would set up too much tidal flow for fishing the deeper spots but it turned out perfect. Just enough current but the wind gave us a touch up the first few days.
    Diving for a couple of days before the full moon the trout didn't mind showing themselves and the night of the full and a day either side the bottom bashing was OK. Couple of reds, tuskies, pearlies etc. I'm certainly no expert up there but the moon didn't have any adverse effect on the fishing. Certainly didn't bother the #*&!% sharks. Had four trout, my catch bag and almost me taken on the last day spearing by a far too aggressive 3m bullshark. I had no idea that I could get up and over a gunwhale so quickly.

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