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Thread: gt combo

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    Re: gt combo

    I don't have a GT Special but I have used one. It will do the job well I reckon, they are a nice rod. I would spend the money on a good reel (Stella or Saltiga), use the GT Special, and for lures unless you have heaps of cash spare don't bother with the expensive stuff. I've lost more Carpenter Stickbaits than I can count but lately have been using the cheap "handmade" wooden stickbaits from Ebay. Great value, work just like a Carpenter and the hooks and rings don't need to be upgraded (Though Nomad might want you to use singles). 22cm, 120gram, Seriously worth checking out.

    Edit, I see you have a Stella already. You're as good as done.

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    Re: gt combo

    Hi all just thought I'd update this one I found a awesome store in Perth.. Tackle hq
    gabbed a F-STICK GT80 Reversal NANO
    April 2015 release
    looks to be replacing the gt79r so should be a great rod thanks for all the advise ....
    im sticking with the Stella 14000 and 92lb braid
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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