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Thread: Coongul Creek

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    Coongul Creek

    I am currently studying but after my exams next week I will have 3 weeks off and was thinking of going up to Coongul Creek on the back of Fraser for a couple of nights. I have been up to Break Sea, over nighting at Rooney's in my old boat and loved it! I was just wondering if anyone has been to Coongul before and what they thought of it? It seems an early morning and late afternoon high tide would be best for access so I could get out for the day but would like to hear from someone who has been there.

    I considered Wathumba but think it just a bit too far (42 k's compared to 17k's) so logistically more difficult fuel wise. I recently bought an Aluvan 4.3 meter tinny with a 50 hp Honda 4 stroke on it. It is quite an impressive little hull but obviously I will pick a decent weather window as Hervey Bay can blow up between Moon Point and the Marina. Any advice appreciated!


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    Re: Coongul Creek

    Your spot on about moon point and the marina, I got caught there in a north westerly. All I can say is take plenty of water

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    Re: Coongul Creek

    Coongul aka sandfly creek is only accessible for short way up pretty close to high tide. Barrawaddy (spelling?) is fresh water (ie far less sandflies) and only few km further up and small boat can go up it to find shelter at top of tide and good coffee rock out front.

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    Re: Coongul Creek

    Should mention Barrawaddy is smaller than Coongul.

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