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    Moreton bay mud pit...

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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    Read that on the weekend.......

    Did they do core samples to study previous flushes of mud during flood events or just do substrate surface analysis?

    We had a 1 in 1000 year event in 2011......try getting some 10,000 year old samples and studying them.

    Don't get the universities to do the studies......get seasoned scientists doing the analysis, not students under the supervision of a teacher where the university is looking for a pre-selected result to push an agenda.

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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    When governments seeking to save money destroys Soil Conservation Services that work with upstream communities to prevent erosion silt and mud in the runoff water is just a sign of how bad things will become.

    Without soil conservation activity in the catchment no amount of dredging will fix this!!!!

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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    I'm surprised with the amount of silt that washed down the river after the 2011 floods that the bay isn't worse that what they've found. The first thing they wanted to do after that was clear the logjams out of Lockyer Creek and open it up into a canal again. I'm sure the last 40 years of farming on the flats in the Lockyer have had a hell of an effect, as would the dredging for the Darra concrete works that has now stopped.

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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    Problem is that there is no riparian or buffer zone between development / farming and the waterways.

    you get what you give.


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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    How would the farmers dump their garbage if there was a riparian zone between their paddocks and the creek? It'd never work............

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    Re: Moreton bay mud pit...

    When it floods like 2011 or 1974 no riparian zone will hold back the silt and after all brisbane is a flood plain and moreton bay is the hole that catches it all.

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