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    Question lure makers, advice needed

    I have some cheap plastic lures that have a very nice action, but a not so very nice colour. They aren't made in the colour I want (completely matt black) so I have painted them with an epoxy gloss enamel Matt black paint, was just what I had in the garage, and I have them curing in front of the fireplace (not too close) to possibly help speed up the curing process. Once they are cured (if they cure) will the finish be durable enough without a clear coat being an epoxy enamel? Like durable from rubbing around in the tackle box, not from toothy fish as they are bass lures...

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    Re: lure makers, advice needed

    used to make my own lures (wood) and found a good airbrush , some leftover paints from the local panelbeaters , some flyscreen mesh(leftover from cuts) some alloy bibs and how cheap were they ...Trouble was , spent the time to make them n too lazy to use them lol and all still laying about in the shed waiting to prove themselves ..

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    Re: lure makers, advice needed

    cool story bro

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