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Thread: Wild weather

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    Re: Wild weather

    There ya go mate.


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    Re: Wild weather

    All gone from this neck o the woods with seebreeze showing goood weather Wednesday till Friday but BOM saying NO Way !! , who do you believe ??...

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    Re: Wild weather

    Still got big (ish) swell, big tides again tonight, but no rain to make things much worse, should be no damage from here on.

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    Re: Wild weather

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    Damn, one is upside down, maybe a mod can turn it around? The swell is much bigger now, I will take another photo later.
    I live in the US. I just thought it was an Aussie thing, being upside down like that...
    standing on a bridge
    watching water rushing under-
    neath it must have been much harder
    when there was no bridge just water

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