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Thread: Wild weather

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    Wild weather

    The "east cost low" that has formed off the NSW coast is making its presence felt, right now, the sea across the road from me is breaking about 1k out, and about 10m in height, gale force winds and torrential rain is causing all sorts of damage, got a tree down in my back yard, but no damage, I will post a picture of the Ocean shortly, but the real ferocity never comes out in photos.

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    Re: Wild weather

    That low is just fall out from cyclone MAROON that rattled old Sydney town Wednesday night.

    Seriously though keep safe

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    Re: Wild weather

    It gusted to 56 knots at cape moreton on saterday morning now thats fresh to frighting.

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    Re: Wild weather

    Yep , wishing all well safetywise all along the Coast.You off Shellharbour arent you Noel??...We were lucky and only copped about an hour of it early Satueday morning and got the shytes with us and headed off south...

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    Re: Wild weather

    I hope you come through unscathed Noel. Enjoy the view and be safe east coasters

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    Re: Wild weather

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    It gusted to 56 knots at cape moreton on saterday morning now thats fresh to frighting.
    There was even the brown arrows on seabreeze Saturday morning I'm sure it stands for brown pants if you where stupid enough to go out in it .., Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Wild weather

    Yer Matt it must mean that ive not seen them to often.

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    Re: Wild weather

    Pics? Of a raging sea called galen

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    Re: Wild weather

    Game Fishin some call it ..... Up the sunny coast hey.

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    Re: Wild weather

    So if the weather plays the game the fish should start to come on the bite in a few weeks?

    hope all are safe.
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    Re: Wild weather

    The fish should be on the chew in the right areas straight after its over almost. Just where the right areas are is the tricky bit and will depend on just how much fresh your area has seen and what you are chasing
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    Re: Wild weather

    The inlaws were on a cruise Friday / Saturday leg Sydney to Brissy, they went straight through the middle of it, 12M waves and 50Kt + winds......went to meet them at Portside on Sunday morning, haha never seen so may pale looking people moping around in one place! One couple I asked how their cruise was going said they were trying to find transport back home, day 2 into their 17 day cruise! I said the worse is behind you now but last night wouldn't been much fun either...blowing its arse off all night. The FIL thought it was great, had the bar pretty much to himself, no trouble getting a beer at happy hour.

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    Re: Wild weather

    15m wave confirmed at the wave rider about an hour ago, most of the beach in front of my place has vanished, the sea came over the road in a few places, one house very close is damaged beyond repair, at least the rain is gone, but wind has changed direction and still howling, swell is gigantic.

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    Re: Wild weather

    Before and after
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Wild weather

    Damn, one is upside down, maybe a mod can turn it around? The swell is much bigger now, I will take another photo later.

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