I was down at a seafood festival at Wynnum & I overheard a commercial fisherman openly bragging that it would be great when there were only between 4 & 7 of them left in Moreton Bay & that they would have it all to themselves. A local told me that he is a tunnel net fisherman who is not very popular, & is always blowing his own trumpet .However ,I think there may be a grain of truth in what he was stating.The way Sunfish is openly supporting tunnel netters is very alarming as no doubt Sunfish & Q/F know about the huge catches and the amount of by-catch that a tunnel net kills.Just have a look at a tunnel net in operation & you will see how it decimates an area -they catch all the fish ,squid, crabs & although undersized fish etc. are released dead or alive , take a look at the number of pelicans around a tunnel net & the chances of many fish getting away are slim . I would like to know why Sunfish are supporting tunnel netting when it is the biggest killer of fish in Moreton Bay.