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    Old Fishing Rods

    Hey Guys
    Does anyone know a charity that excepts old fishing rods as Ive got over 20 from my parents estate that are no longer required, for those guys whom are collectors don't get excited im keeping the collectable ones.
    They are old and all usable and in all lengths but with the price of cheap chinese rods these days they are most probably only suitable to dump??
    Regards JIM

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    Re: Old Fishing Rods

    I remember seeing a thread a while ago on here can't remember any details sorry.

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    Re: Old Fishing Rods

    Mate, there's a member by the name of Malby - he works with a crowd called Connect. I think they assist disadvantaged kids.
    Hope this helps.
    Nice gesture, by the way!
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    Re: Old Fishing Rods

    A few years ago a few guys got together at Lucky_Phill's place. and we did up old rods and reels, for a charity. I think it was up the coast. cant remember the charity's name, but Lucky_Phill might remember. Was a great day, we should do it again one day.

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    Re: Old Fishing Rods

    I remember that one Mike, spewing I couldn't come. Hopefully Roz or Luckyphill will chime in.
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    Re: Old Fishing Rods

    I do some repairs for free for mal you group


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