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    pajero steering issues

    Hi all,
    I have a 2012 pajero, 7 seater that needed alignment as tyres were scrubbing out. Got it done and then the missus said its no different, pulling to the left. Told her to take it back and get them to sort it. Guy siad its fine, the wife not convinced so he put it up on the hoist to check it and came back saying its all good. I took it for a run over the weekend and found it still pulls to the left. Tyre crew trying to tell me its just the camber in the road pulling it left but I know about this and I am not convimnced this is the problem. It has just been serviced and report came back all bushes,tie rod ends etc all good? Have been driving for 20 plus years and feel that its not right,
    Any ideas ?

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    Re: pajero steering issues

    Try a different alignment mob........

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    Re: pajero steering issues

    Quite possible your caster angle tolerance from LH to RH are to out. Once upon a time a wheel alignment was camber caster toe in/out on turns and toe in adjustment, But as I found out, with our BT50 which pulled to the left and was scrubbing that tyre , took it to a place (well named tyre service place) for an alignment. Unknown to them I can read alignment machines ( was doing it for 30 years) the caster angles from L to R varied by 1 degree which is why it veered left. They (the boss not a mechanic and the tyre fitter not a mechanic ) Tried to tell me there is nothing wrong with that and vehicles are designed that way so you don't veer to the middle of the road and have a head on. What a load of bullshit. What it boils down to is an alignment is check and set the toe in. A toe in adjustment is not an alignment. If you want the camber and caster done it is an extra $80 because , get this , the shims are expensive. HA. cut a slot in a washer. Just a lazy bunch of money grubbing pricks. I can't remember the actual degrees but QLD roads do have more camber due to the rain. We always set up vehicles ( away from factory specs) to allow for the camber.

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