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    Wizard overhead reels

    Hi Guys,
    First post on here, but I've been learning a lot from this site for a few years now, great information and now I have a question.

    Like to ask if anyone has any first hand use of wizard reels? The R-18 2 speed overhead is what Im leaning towards.
    I saw these reels at the sanctuary cove boat show and they looked awesome! But that doesn't mean they are... haha

    The sales guys were really helpful, and the prices were cheap, a lot cheaper then there website prices. My other reels of choice are shimano talica. But the wizard are a lot cheaper.

    Keen to hear your thoughts

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    Re: Wizard overhead reels

    They certainly have some bling, but bling and quality aren't the same, the site doesn't mention what drag material they use, and I couldn't find a single review of the brand on the web, so they are a bit of unknown quantity. Not saying that they are a bad reel but no info on them that I could find. The only way would be to take the plunge and hope for the best. I would assume that it is is copy of some other brand and or rebadged. It would depend if it was built to a low price or not as to whether or not it had good components in it and if it was machined precisely. So if you are feeling lucky get one and write a review, it will either be a dud or not.

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    Re: Wizard overhead reels

    Cheers for your thoughts EdBerg.
    I came to the same conclusion. I found they are a Chinese built, not that that really matters as everything is. They are the same as the Canyon reels in the states, which are also relabelled Chinese built reels. Bit of mixed reports on the canyon reels but the reviews are all old and not on this model... so like you said I think its if Im feeling lucky or not.

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