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    Question Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    Hi all,
    I was looking on ########## the other day and came across a very attractive spinning reel. It is the SeaKnight TT6000. Has anyone tried this reel? Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    Dont know mate but i recently purchased two smaller type spin reels off fleabay ex China one for $13.00 the other for $15.00 and thought it worth a try see how they pan out??.. They look okay but dont know how they will fare on a decent fish.. Mind you only interested in using them for Whiting or Bream..

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    Re: Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    G'day Ralph,i can tell you about a mates purchase from china i have alway's used Penn reel's,and an old mate turned up one morning on the boat and said well Hilly I BOUGHT ONE AND HE HAD THE IDENTICAL REEL to me in a 4 inchi picked it up and realised strait up it was as light as a feather,i asked him how much did he pay and where did he buy his new sinker but said it proberly won't sink it's plastic,yes a copy of the USA built Penn,for less than half the price to but it was crap i bought him a new one that week he uses the plastic one for jigging bait.
    cheers G.R.Hilly.

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    Re: Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    Buy one and upspec the bearings to s/steel and give it a flogging see how it runs.
    It will have cheap bearings for certain.

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    Re: Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    Daresay you would get good quallity for the price they charge ey!!! , always you get what you pay for but sometimes everythings worth a try ey ..

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    Re: Do the Chinese make any good reels?

    Equipment made under license to a certain specification is OK, but cheap no name eBay "specials" are just rubbish, doesn't matter what it is, if it's cheap no name, then just buy and hope, the Chinese make all sorts of stuff for major manufacturers all over the world, from Mercury outboards to fishing gear, but, it's made to a set standard, not as cheap as it can possibly be made

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