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    Barry'"Dayoo" jigheads

    Hi All,

    Does Barry still make jigheads ? Don't see his ad's anymore.

    Thanks GAC

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    Re: Barry'"Dayoo" jigheads

    Unfortunately he passed away a little while ago.

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    Re: Barry'"Dayoo" jigheads

    Thanks Shaun. That is very sad. I went to Barry's house a few times to pick up his jigheads.A 5 min pickup would turn into 30 min quickly. He loved a chat. A real character.

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    Re: Barry'"Dayoo" jigheads

    That's a shame. I met Barry only once, at his house and enjoyed the conversation and buying and using his great jig heads. Seemed like a great bloke. Forums are funny arent they. At least some blokes knew Barry passed away and let the forum know. For a lot of us if we died tomorrow all the forum might note is someone not posting any more (often with no way of readily knowing what happened and if the person is alive or not.. ).

    RIP Barry.

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    Re: Barry'"Dayoo" jigheads

    Wow that is very sad. He used to help me out with sinkers and bits and pieces when I ran the Connect Program for 'at risk youth'. Always very generous and helpful. He seems fine when I saw him last time. Quite surprising?!

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