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    Anyone using these??

    Did a bit of a search and couldnt find much, so is anyone using these and what do you think of them?

    main questions are how long do they last, how well do they seal and will the door fly open and throw hooks and whatnot everywhere while on the move or towing.

    cheers, Corey.

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    Re: Anyone using these??

    Nup just a tackle box , actually a plastic toolbox from Bunnings converted to tacklebox which worked out aprox 75% or more cheaper than purchasing a ridgy didge tacklebox lol.

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    Re: Anyone using these??

    I put one in my little KC. The little boxes inside are rubbish and break really easily. Steer clear.
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    Re: Anyone using these??

    Thats a shame, its all I can really fit and it would be really handy

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