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    Re: A question for the surfcasting gurus out there.

    Unfortunately my rod lathe hasn't seen daylight for some yearschanges even then it really never got enough use.
    I remember seeing something on this somewhere that showed how the line came off the spool and ran through guides in good position v those in bad position.
    So from memory, and this is a challenge,
    The line had changed shape in the loops that came off the spool but i cant recall much else. (rather limited rod building experience).
    Now a graffite rod would recover back and forth a few times before the knot had emerged from the tip whereas the glass rod may not have recovered at all which makes sense that the knot could belt against guides or perhaps the guides are belting against the knot even after the line had begun to straightened.

    So yes i also think this could be the issue. Would 7 meters of leader solve it in not too sure but i will be testing the theory as i have a trip to the bite coming up and will be looking at a new piece of gear for the he trip.

    P.S any suggestions on rods and reals are welcome.

    Cheers stu

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    Re: A question for the surfcasting gurus out there.

    It seems from internet research, that longer leaders are the way to go. I feel that you could well be right, in that to achieve minimal line slap, a longer leader will allow the rod to recover prior to the leader knot coming off the spool, thus minimizing guide frame contact. I'll try the longer leaders first, before modifying the rods, in case this resolves the issue.

    Where are you headed, and what are you chasing? I have a few ideas in mind, but they may not be what you're looking for. My current salmon/surf spin setup, is a Shimano Aero 4000, 5.8:1 retrieve spooled with 25lb gliss, mated to a Rovex Air Strike 10footer. Casts extremely well,(when I don't get a bust off!), is light enough for an old bloke like me to cast all day and throws slugs from 25 to 55gms.
    If you wanted a lighter outfit, I also run a Majorcraft Crostage Mobile, 9'6" - with a Symetre3000 and 17lb gliss - I use it for throwing lighter slugs - 10 to 30gm, and baitfishing as well.
    I'd give anything to get my hands on a Nitro Sniper - I've played with one, and think there's nothing better for what I want it for, but at $400, it's out of my league.

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    Re: A question for the surfcasting gurus out there.

    Sent you a pm.
    The target it mulloway on big baits cast into the wind.
    I have a rather bullet proof alvy on a snyder glass low mount and a heavier one on a high mount.
    Looking to take a heavy spin outfit and something for casting at salmon.

    Open to all ideas.

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    Re: A question for the surfcasting gurus out there.

    You could always do a long double in the braid which wraps around the spool several times and then a short leader to that, which would sit outside the rod tip for casting, that way you have a double knot in braid which is very small compared to a braid leader knot and wouldn't impact on the rod tip as it peeled off the reel, the short leader would still be hard for the fish to see and provide the wear properties that braid does not have.

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    Re: A question for the surfcasting gurus out there.

    More food for thought, EdBerg. I've always used a double on my baitcasting/overhead gear, but I can't help but think that as the line is coming over the lip of a threadline, that both strands of the double may not come off together - causing a windknot at some stage? I may well be wrong, and probably need to test the theory out. I guess that if and when the wind and rain stops down here, I need to get out on the local oval and find out.

    I believe that my problem stems from the fact that many years ago, we always ran a heavier leader for casting, making sure it was at least a rod length, so there were 2-3 wraps on the spool. But...that was also in the days of mono only, so using a 15lb mainline, we needed a 30lb leader to take the strain - and we did use abu 7000's or 9000's.
    Given that the same diameter in braid is far stronger, the leader doesn't have to be anywhere near as long.

    Just something I need to get my head around, I guess.


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