Hey guys, got my pwc licence a couple of weeks ago (boat 12 yrs ago & own a boat already), and about to buy a 2nd hand jet ski to use before/after work (2 mins to ramp). I am in Hervey Bay, so looking for something that I can fish from, tow the kids on a tube & can handle some chop when needed but doesn't need to be a speed weapon. Biggest priority is reliability - no one in Hervey Bay will service a jet ski (that I know of from phoning around) and I'd like to keep maintenance to approx. $400-600 year. Budget is $12k max and after quite a lot of research the top contenders are:

Yamaha fx ho prob years 2011-13 (maybe a 2014) for the money with between 50-150 hrs - has great reputation and I like the no wake mode, cruise control but doesn't have trigger reverse in these years

Kawasaki 300x seem to be 2013-14 from between $8-12k about 50-100 hrs - the supercharger maintenance/reliability concerns me here

Kawasaki ultra lx (n/a) or stx 15f - 2012-16 with 30-150hrs $7.5-11k - probably do what I'm looking for but might want a bit more speed after a little while - lack some comforts such as cruise control, no wake mode etc

Was going to stay clear of Sea Doo due to ceramic washer ruining supercharger/engine but the 2017 gtr230 has a new engine and maintenance free supercharger -a few advertised at the moment $13-15k, with some negotiating I'd try to see if $12k is a reasonable offer (obviously depend on seller's circumstance).

Things I like about the gtr230 are the brake/reverse left trigger, newer (still have warranty), updated engine and hopefully more reliable supercharger, cruise control, looks cool. Concerns are - durability - plastics, etc. Will the hull handle the chop well?

Happy to buy one decked out with fishing rack & sounder/gps or buy these after and do (probably a fishski and lowrance elite 7).

Can anyone shed some thoughts?